Why Clean Your Carpets in Summer

Published On June 8, 2017 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

Spring is winding down and summer is almost here. The rain should be tapering off, leaving behind a bit of dampness. It’s time to open up the windows and doors to let fresh air in.

The warmer weather brings with it some uninvited guests, such as pollen, grass clippings, crawling things, and dirty paws. Inevitably, all of these things end up in your carpets. Unless your family and friends take their shoes off at the front door and your home is completely sealed from the elements, your carpet fibers are taking on a big dose of allergens, dirt, moisture, and probably some insects.

Carpet Cleaning in Summer

While spring and fall seem to be the ideal seasons to put a thorough house cleaning plan in motion, summer is a great time for airing out the house and freshening up your carpets and maybe your upholstery as well. It is an ideal time to schedule a professional cleaning company because you can be outdoors while they get the job done.

With clean carpets your home will smell fresh, look bright, and be a healthier environment for friends and family. Periodic carpet cleaning also helps to restore and maintain the carpet fibers. Some of the benefits of utilizing a professional cleaning service, such as Twin Falls carpet cleaning include:

  • Restoration of the carpet fibers
  • Brightening up of your home décor
  • Removal of dirt, odors, and stains
  • Removal of allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, mold, and pet dander
  • Extended life of the carpet

Things You Can Do

To prolong the life of your carpet there are some things you can do between professional cleanings. It is recommended that you vacuum regularly, clean up spills and paw prints quickly, have a mat at each entrance and a place for shoes to be removed, and keep entrance paths clear of plant debris.

You can also use a homemade carpet freshener made up of a mixture of baking soda, diatomaceous earth, and essential oils to absorb odors, reduce mold, and keep dust mites and other insects at bay. Here is an easy recipe:

Carpet Freshener


16 Ounces baking soda
2 TBS food grade diatomaceous earth
5 Drops lavender essential oil
5 Drops pine essential oil


Place all in a glass jar and shake. Poke holes in the lid. Shake onto the carpet before going to bed at night and vacuum in the morning.

Bottom Line

Every carpet cleaning project is unique, depending on the type of fiber and material, as well as how much wear and damage the carpet has experienced. When using a professional carpet cleaning service, look for a team that offers a complete analysis of your carpet type, the amount and type of soil, and the areas that get the most foot traffic. Trained specialists will use state-of-the-art cleaning technology to remove all the dirt, stains, and allergens to restore your carpet and make your home healthier.

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