What Are Those Black Cables That You Sometimes Step On The Road?

Published On August 13, 2021 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

These black cables are relatively thin and run perpendicular to the road. If you look at its ends, you will quickly discover that it is not a familiar radar or cable, as they are not connected to industrial machinery but simply to poles, signs, or streetlights so that they remain fixed. Its function is very different from that of fine and calm; today, we will try to get you out of doubts concerning this mystery.

Black Tube Cables For Roads

The reason for these particular cables is none other than to keep the road network in good condition, and only a few days or even hours will pass at the point where you found them; it all depends on the measurement needs. Moreover, their installation is straightforward. It is enough to find a straight road (to avoid accidents), tension them, anchor them effectively and connect a measuring box to one of their ends – usually small and hidden from view. Drivers.

Curiously, the only thing that circulates inside it is air, which is precisely where its name ‘ pneumatic tubes ‘ comes from. When a vehicle passes over these cables – typically two tubes are placed in parallel – the air inside it is compressed and extends towards the ends of the tube. The measuring box contains a sensor, which sends an electrical signal to simple counting software.

Electrical Signal Device

But be careful because these pneumatic tubes from the heavy duty cable protector can also determine the speed at which we pass, the direction in which we are going, and even the number of axles of our vehicle when they are installed two by two. However, their function is not sanctioning (already that would require a camera and a metrological system). This information is only used so that the road owner knows various parameters of the road and acts accordingly.

For example, with these tubes, it is possible to adjust the speed limits of the road, know if the existing limits are met, know the need to install a radar, a shoulder, or modify the signaling; know the frequency of maintenance of the asphalt or establish the most appropriate timing of the traffic lights. Such is their importance that they even influence budget items for road maintenance.

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