Top Tips For Keep A Home Warm During Winter

Published On September 27, 2022 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

4 beautiful Bangalore homes that are worth bookmarking | Architectural Digest IndiaAs energy costs rise, residents are looking for more ways to ensure that their homes remain warm during winter. Even homes that are confidently draught-free can still be susceptible to cooler rooms or high energy bills as a result of inefficient home design.

Thankfully, there are a number of methods to preserve heat within the home, as well as to prevent rooms from becoming too chilly, even without keeping radiators on every hour. So, whether you want to reduce your monthly utility bills, increase the value of your property, or simply enjoy a more comfortable and warmer winter, then we have just the tips for you.

Detect Draughts 

You might think that your home is free from draughts. However, it only takes a little bit of plastic wrap and tape for many to be proven wrong. Simply cover your window frames with plastic wrap, sealing the edges with tape. Once you get to the final corner, if there’s any draught at all, it will become very clear, demonstrating that your windows need repairing or replacing.

Cook Warm

Cooking hot dinners is a brilliant way to stay warm during winter, not only because of the comfort dishes like soups and stews bring, but also because the heat produced during cooking can also be enjoyed throughout the home. When turning on the hob or oven, be sure to keep your kitchen door open and share the heat around.

Cosy Spaces

Many will seek to divide their living spaces during the winter, creating a number of smaller, cosier spaces within their home. This works well because it is easier to heat smaller spaces than large, open rooms. There is also the growingly popular option to seek outbuildings, annexes, and log cabins for sale, so that homes can create and enjoy an especially comfortable relaxation space in their garden, one that is easily insulated and heated.

Embrace Fabrics 

From hanging thicker, draught-excluding curtains to equipping each sofa and bed with a plush, wool blanket, winter is a season of fabrics. Rugs and carpets, while not as insulating as generally believed, do a great job at keeping feet from standing on colder hard surfaces.

Inspect Boiler

Inefficient heating within the home, as well as high utility bills, can often be traced back to an old or malfunctioning boiler. Before the temperatures take a turn, it may be worth having your boiler inspected or even replaced. This will ensure that your home remains as efficiently and reliably heated as possible. 

Bleed Radiators

If your home relies upon radiators, be sure to ‘bleed’ them. Many neglect to perform this simple task annually and find their radiators taking longer to heat up while also failing to reach high temperatures. Trapped air is a common issue with radiators and even a small amount can entirely reduce the effectiveness of their warmth.

Keyhole Covers

Keyholes often go unnoticed but, without a cover, they are a hole to the outdoors and one that invites chilly breezes right into the home. A simple and low cost fix is to install keyhole covers. This addition will ensure that, when not in use, draughts are prevented from entering the home.

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