The Top Advantages Of Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Matting

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Low morale and toxic team members are tough to quantify, but we can all agree they have a significant negative influence on the team. Team members who do not feel supported by their employer gradually lose corporate loyalty. Custom logo carpet and ergonomic flooring make individuals feel better while working and afterward. Anyone’s attitude may be influenced by the difference between being in pain and feeling rested after a shift. Anti-fatigue matting demonstrates to employees that you care about their well-being from the bottom up.

Measurable Diamond-Plate Anti-Fatigue Mats Boost Productivity

Do you not believe it? Several researches on anti-fatigue mats supports this claim. The world’s largest factories all use anti-fatigue diamond plate matting to increase overall production rates. Their production alone increased by 2.2%. When applied across a company, this has a huge impact on the bottom line. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense: people can function more effectively when they are not in pain.

Diamond-Plate Anti-Fatigue Mats Improve Health:

Anti-fatigue diamond plate mats have been shown to lower the likelihood of varicose veins and blood pooling in the legs. Workers contrasted standing on an industrial mat to a concrete floor in research done. Workers shift their feet more on an anti-fatigue mat, according to the study. This subconscious movement maintains the legs moving blood across the body and has been linked to decreased weariness. Workers who stood on concrete reported feeling more tired. More alarming was the rise in skin temperature in the legs of these individuals who were standing on concrete, which was ascribed to blood pooling in the legs, yet another harmful side effect of not using industrial anti-fatigue matting.

The Use Of The Proper Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat Will Minimize Absenteeism.

When employees are in pain, they are more likely to miss work—a straightforward principle that many firms fail to address. Workers who are in discomfort are not skipping work; rather, they are taking care of their bodies so that they can continue to work in the long run. Diamond plate flooring and anti-fatigue mats are one important technique to lessen the physical strain of labor on your crew. It is not unusual for manufacturing organizations to see a 25% decrease in absenteeism after using anti-fatigue matting in a safe, ergonomic manner.

The Effectiveness Of Diamond-Plate Anti-Fatigue Matting Has Been Proven

There’s a reason why the world’s best manufacturers all invest in industrial matting and flooring: they’ve studied the impacts and know anti-fatigue mats help their staff perform better and increase bottom lines. Large firms have every motivation to save costs, yet they recognize that skipping mats raises total costs while reducing employee loyalty, morale, and productivity. An anti-fatigue mat is one of the most effective passive methods of protecting employees and keeping them in the building daily.

Commercial Anti-Fatigue Mats Pay For Themselves

We can evaluate your return on investment in matting by completing a few basic questions. Matting is an investment that saves your organization money by minimizing long-term injuries, floor impact injuries from slips and falls and absenteeism. This, along with a slight boost in general output, will mount up enormously over a year or more. To determine how much commercial matting will save you over time, simply answer the following questions:

  1. How many regular employees do you have?
  2. What is your average rate of absenteeism?
  3. What is the average hourly wage of your employees?
  4. How many shifts do you work every day?
  5. What is your projected budget for matting?

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