The Dangers of Attempting Electrical Work on Your Own

Published On April 16, 2017 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

Saving money is a goal for many homeowners, and it’s one of the primary reasons people choose to do work around their own homes. Painting your own house or laying new tile might be challenging work, but it’s easy enough to learn how to do it correctly and efficiently. The savings can be substantial when you do your own work around the house, but it’s recommended you avoid doing certain tasks on your own. Mislaying your own tile might cause chips or cracks in the finished product, but incorrectly wiring your electrical panel could cause a fire, electrocution, or death. It’s almost always recommended you call an electrician Howell MI to handle your electrical work. 

DIY Electrical Work is A Fire Hazard 

One of the most complex tasks to attempt is DIY electrical work. It’s dangerous to work with electricity if you’re not familiar with it because you might miss a step and cause problems. Even small issues like using an incorrect wire even if it fits can cause a fire to start. If you’re not a professional electrician, it’s not recommended you handle electrical work on your own. One small mistake can cause a wire to overheat, and that can cause your home to burn down. 

Electrocution Does Occur in DIY Jobs 

It doesn’t take much to kill a person, and even a small electrical shock can take your life. The proper way to handle electricity is well-known by the professionals, but DIYers often forgo the basics because they don’t know. Most DIY electrocutions occur when homeowners forget to turn off the electricity before they get to work, or when they assume it’s safe to work because the power is already out. Even wires that aren’t live can become live due to something called polarity, which is why it’s never safe to work on your own electrical issues if you don’t know much about electrical work. 

You Can Cause Inspection Problems 

If you ever decide to sell your house, the buyer or their lender might require the home goes through a careful inspection. The inspector comes into the home and checks everything, and your DIY electrical work might make it impossible to sell your home. An inspector who finds a myriad of electrical issues behind the walls will put that information in their report, and that information is then given to the buyer. If the buyer determines your house is unsafe, they might back out of the deal or be forced to hire a professional to come in and fix all the electrical issues. 

It’s often less expensive to simply hire an electrician from the start rather than buy tools, equipment, and parts to do it yourself. If you do it wrong and a professional has to come out and fix it, you’re spending twice as much. If your house catches on fire, you could lose everything. It’s not worth the risk to save a few dollars wiring your own house in any situation. Call an electrician when you need electrical help.

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