Simple ways to take care of your plants

Published On July 31, 2017 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

Taking care of plants can be a bit tedious and challenging for some people. Although the basic or most fundamental way is obviously watering regularly, it’s important to understand that there are other things that they may require your attention. During the summer it can be too hot for the plants and they may dry out more quickly than usual. Some of the ways include:

Potted plants

Plants in a pot are much more manageable than the ones on the ground on a large surface area. This also reduces the amount of water lost due to sun exposure. It’s always smart to keep them in a shaded area like a roofed terrace in order to avoid direct sunlight. The plants need nutrients to sustain their growth and energy. Applying organic manure like cow dung occasionally will nourish plants.

Keep your plants healthy

Just like all living things, plants are prone to diseases and pest. Checking for any signs of infection is important. If affected apply the correct pesticides that will help control and cure the pests and diseases. The plants should also be pruned occasionally to remove the damaged parts to facilitate fresh regrowth. If the affected area is large you may require some gardening and landscaping services. Letting the plants wither will stop the growth at some point as they become too weak. Tying the plants around a piece of wood for support will help in preventing that.

Fertilize but don’t over do it

Not everyone has the access to organic waste matter and thus are required to use fertilizers instead. They come in different forms such as powder, liquid and pellets sticks. They are all easy to use and can be done even without any gardening experience. The fertilizer should be evenly distributed throughout the planted area.

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