Roof Assessments After Storm Damage

Published On June 8, 2017 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

It can be difficult to tell if there’s any damage to your roof after a storm when you’re looking at it from the ground. Unless you’re seeing broken shingles or other torn roofing material on the ground, you may have no way of knowing if there is actually any damage to your roof.

Hail and high winds are two of the most common reasons for roof damage after a storm, but falling debris such as tree limbs can certainly do their fair share of damage as well. After a big storm rolls through your neighborhood, there will be a big demand for roof assessments, so knowing a little bit about what’s going on up there can help you speed things up when you call a roofing contractor.

However, any contractor that does roof repair or replacement will tell you that safety always comes first! Here are some things you can do – without climbing on the roof – to assess your roof after storms:


  • You can simply walk around the perimeter of your home looking for pieces of roofing material that have blown off. You may also notice that the gutters and downspouts have loosened from the house. These are sure signs that there is damage to your roof. At this point, go ahead and call a professional so you can get the ball rolling on those repairs.
  • Look for broken tree limbs lying around the yard, and see if you notice damage to any other property, such as fences, siding or landscaping. Also, look specifically for signs of hail damage on flat surfaces, like your patio or deck. If there is damage to these areas, there’s a good chance the roof has some damage as well.
  • Go up to the attic and look for leaks or water spots. Do this frequently in any case, but especially after a storm. You may not be able to see the damage from the outside, but that doesn’t mean a leak doesn’t exist. The entire ceiling, especially around light fixtures, should be inspected to see if there is any water damage.
  • Call a reputable affordable roofing contractor. A roofing expert will know exactly what to look for, and they will be willing to give you an estimate that you can compare with other companies. True professionals don’t fear that kind of competition. The company you choose should offer exceptional rates, but, more importantly, value. The team should assess the damage for you, provide an estimate (many are free), and then make repairs or replacements in a timely manner.

No homeowner should have to inspect their own roof. With all the professional roofing companies out there, it’s dangerous and unnecessary. Your roof can be extra slippery after storms, and if there is any damage, you may have weak spots that you don’t know about – both accidents waiting to happen. That’s why it’s so vital to trust your roofing contractor 100{7a17cac51ff90b68eb258f02037548d972ccf6266f978927ace60365e514ce5c}. They are your eyes when it comes to roof assessments after storm damage!

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