Reasons Why Your Water Heater Has Rust on the Bottom

Published On March 14, 2022 | By Oliver | Home Improvement
Water Heater Leaking From The Bottom? (DO THIS)

Like every appliance in your home, water heaters need regular and proper care and management to keep working in top condition. 

However, their lifespan is typically about 10 to 12 years. During this time, you may experience various issues even with frequent maintenance, which is most likely due to age or an underlying problem that needs assessment. 

A Florida water treatment service will help you evaluate your water heater complications by a water testing procedure and identifying other shortages. 

Improving your water quality is essential in providing enough water for your household. A Punta Gorda water treatment plant can be used in a water system to enhance the water’s physical, chemical, or biological quality. 

There are several issues that you may not be aware could further damage the water heater, but one of the most common is visible rust on the bottom of the tank. The following are reasons why your water heater has accumulated rust. 

Rust on the heater exchanger

If you noticed rust on the bottom of your water heater, it might be due to tarnish on the heat exchanger. This rusted metal is prone to cracking and allowing toxic gasses to escape. If the stained area is on the top of the tank, it could be the result of a leaking connection.


The water that flows from your water heater may contain sediments that have accumulated over time. These sediments settle at the bottom of the tank. If the residue continues to build up, it will cause rust to appear on the tank. To flush out the sediment, fill the water reservoir with fresh water and check the bottom of the tank for rust.

Rusty water

Rusty water indicates that the tank of your water heater is tarnishing. Your water may taste odd or become discolored when you wash your clothing. While rust is not usually hazardous, it can have an impact on your water quality and discolor your bathroom fixtures.

Visible rust spots around the outside bottom of the tank

Rust on the exterior bottom of the tank can indicate that the metal liner has fully corroded through the tank or that your utility room is excessively damp, exposing the outside of the tank to liquid water.

Internal concerns

Water heaters have a component called a sacrificial anode. It is located within the water heater tank and essentially rusts so that the tank does not rust. The sacrificial anode assists in corroding away the minerals and chemicals in your water. If the sacrificial anode fails and you do not replace it, rust begins to take hold of the tank, resulting in a rusty bottom.

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