Is Corporate Housing right for me?

Published On August 30, 2018 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

Corporate Housing is perfect for new individuals moving to a new area or for the business traveler who needs to relocate temporarily for work. So if you are either of these individuals have a think about what corporate housing can do for you. Below we list some benefits to corporate housing to find out if it’s what you are looking for:

  • A temporary rental can give you more time to look for the right home, which can be challenging to do across the globe. You have a lot of things to think about and much to research in the area.
  • Because a lot of professionals are renting out their homes, you can move your family into a real home instead of some cold apartment box.
  • Corporate clients are the best clients you could ask for. They are clean, well-behaved and always pay their rent on time. Running into bad tenants is not something you will have to come across.
  • Are you staying somewhere for longer than a month? If so, then corporate housing is most likely the best option for you. It is the least expensive option as well as being the most customizable.
  • Any stay in an area of more than one month is a good reason to rent a fully furnished short term rental. Examples include: business travel, education reasons, government travel, disaster relief, relocation and home improvement.
  • Are you a busy professional? If so, short term rentals or corporate housing accommodation has housekeeping and laundry services in place to take care of all your cleaning needs so you don’t have to.
  • Do you have children or pets? Most corporate housing options allow children and small pets. They make sure the apartments are suitable for both and everyone feels comfortable.
  • Do you like to feel cosy? Corporate housing offers comfortable and customized apartments that include furniture, cable, internet, TV and fully fitted and equipped kitchens.
  • One of the biggest complaints of business people who travel is that they can’t seem to eat well and that they gain weight from eating out all the time. However, with corporate housing you’ll be able to go to the shops, come home and cook for yourself.
  • Due to these apartments being leased on a longer term basis than extended hotel stays, they are usually handled through property managers. These people handle the complexities of leasing and maintaining the property so that you don’t have to.
  • If your company sends its employees on business trips that last for several weeks or even months then you should really consider corporate housing over traditional hotels or extended stay hotels. This means you will have access to laundry services, housekeeping, cable, internet, TV, fully fitted and equipped kitchens, fruit and veg shops nearby as well as other services you may need in the area.

These tips help you see whether corporate housing is for you or not. You should definitely think about choosing corporate housing if you agree with any of the above.

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