Factors To Consider For A Perfectly-Installed Fake Grass

Published On June 13, 2017 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

Do you want to achieve that attractively-installed artificial grass similar to your neighbor? Take a look at these several important factors to help you out!

After reading the benefits of synthetic turf, you may have likely made a decision that this will be perfect for your needs and your property. But before you buy and install synthetic turf in Sydney, it is worthy that you will take into account some core aspects. This will eventually help you create a well-versed purchasing decision.

Remember, your goal is to achieve a perfectly-installed artificial grass. Pay attention to each of the essential factors below.

Size area

Consider the size of the area in which the artificial grass will be installed, especially if the area that needs to be covered is vast. Obviously, you will need great amount of time, effort and money for maintenance if your area is large. For vast areas, it is crucial to choose a synthetic turf which doesn’t necessitate extensive maintenance and care.

Amount of traffic

Also, don’t forget to consider the amount of traffic when installing a fake grass. Simply put it, the traffic volume and artificial turf quality should complement with each other.

Outdoor and climate conditions

If there are many sources of wastes in the area where you plan to install the artificial turf, you have to consider the amount of maintenance and care you may need to give. This is to ensure that your turf maintains a good look. You can ask your artificial grass supplier about the maintenance they cover before choosing which product to buy.

Product quality

Many artificial grass buyers base their decision on the price of artificial grass available. However, this is a crucial mistake. This factor is also important, but you should not use it as your key deciding factor. The best thing to do is examine the quality of the products available. How? Simply ask for samples from your chosen provider. This will definitely give you a clear idea on the right product.


After installing your turf, it is recommended to give it a brush. Firm yard brushes are highly suggested. Brush the turf every two to three months to get rid of dust, debris and others. The use of a garden vacuum is also necessary to remove seeds, leaves and debris.

Most importantly…

Choose the best artificial grass installation service!

Only some of us have the skill to install artificial grass properly and beautifully. If you’re not confident to do it on your own, considering to installsynthetic grass for tennis courts, shop displays, gardens, etc. with the help of experts is such a good decision. Since they have been in the business for several years, they can guarantee an excellent, satisfying work.

Which artificial grass company to depend on?

Australian Synthetic Lawns is the best partner! Equipped with good ideas, in-depth knowhow, innovative tools and a team of experts, the company can transform the look of your indoor or outdoor – all with minimal investment!

Talk to a customer representative to process your request.

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