Creative Ways to Decorate Your Garden

Published On August 21, 2017 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

Are you wanting to decorate your garden and change it into something new and exciting? Then you shouldn’t worry because there are plenty of creative and crazy ideas out there which are affordable and can turn your garden into something else. Plenty of people hire garden designers, this is because they’re able to provide tips and advice on ways to make the most out of your garden space and where to buy some of the best quality equipment from. However, in the meantime it can be handy to come up with some ideas yourself, that is why we’re going to provide you with some creative ways on how to turn your garden into something magical, meeting all your needs and requirements.

  • Have you got an old bike which you don’t need? There is no point throwing it away, so why don’t you make something from it. Wondering what? Well why don’t you paint it and the turn it into a planter, simply add the plants around the bike.
  • Perhaps you could re-use an old wine bottle and make it into a bird feeder, this saves money on people buying bird feeders themselves and also bring bird into the garden, great for when you want to hear the bird singing in your garden.
  • Divide your garden into different places, such as, one could be a corner full of flowers and colour also another corner can be dedicated to a table and chairs for people to sit out and enjoy the sun. With the plants you’re able to set them out in any way you want, for example some people have decided to put flowers into gardening or milk cans and also others put flowers into old car tires.
  • Don’t be afraid to hand things on to the wall outside, this can give your garden a personal touch and add the extra creativity. Plenty of people are now following this idea and adding something to their garden such as, mirrors, this gives the effect that the garden is bigger than it actually is. Not only this, but you could also hang up your own decorations, for
    example above your chill area you could hang something up saying ‘chill zone’.
  • Brighten up your garden with lights. There are plenty of different kind of lights you can get, for example hanging fairy lights up, adding lights into the grass area and even onto the fence. There are plenty of different places to place them and it really does make the garden look magical at night time.
  • Like I previously said, having a chill zone in your garden can be an absolute winner. So you have table and chairs, outdoor garden sofa or even a hammock. The time for relaxation is important especially after a stressful day of work.

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