Common Types of Valves Used In Plumbing

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Plumbing is meant for controlling water, gas, and many other things, and for that, you will need valves. There are plenty of things that go into manufacturing and also selecting the right type of valve for any occasion, and when it comes, then you have to bend down and offer a turn to your handle without thinking anything to avoid the crisis.

Valves are extensively used in plumbing and they can be used in several ways. Selecting the right valve for any particular application needs a little research or help from the manufacturer or any professional.

Pillar Plumbing can offer you a trained plumber Humble TX who offers plumbing services to commercial and residential properties in Kingwood and the surrounding areas. In this post, we have provided general information about different valves used in plumbing.

1) Gate valve

This linear motion type of valve is generally used for starting or stopping the fluid flow.

2) Globe valve

This is another linear motion type of plumbing valve used for stopping, initiating, and controlling flow.

3) Check valve

This plumbing valve is used for preventing backflow in any piping system.

4) Plug valve

This is a valve with a quarter-turn rotary motion that will use a cylindrical or tapered plug for stopping or starting the flow.

5) Ball valve

Another valve with a quarter-turn rotary motion will use a ball-shaped disc for stopping the flow.

6) Butterfly valve

Also, a quarter-turn rotary motion valve is used for stopping, regulating, and initiating flow.

7) Needle valve

Needle valves are designed for offering very precise flow control within small diameter piping systems

8) Pinch valve

It is another linear speed valve meant for starting, regulating, and stopping fluid flow.

9) Pressure relief valve

This kind of valve releases the vacuum or pressure at a pre-determined set pressure.

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