Agricultural Shows: Refrigeration Solutions

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Cooling facilities at shows

Agricultural and county shows are firm favourites in the spring, summer and autumn months and throughout the UK there’s a feast of events to choose from.

In the south, we have the 129th South Suffolk Show on the 14th May, Surrey County Show is on the 29th May and further in to the summer we can look forward to the Cotswold Show on 1-2nd July and the New Forest and Hampshire Show from the 25th-27th July.

If you are catering at any of these, or other shows, need to store food for livestock or keep items cool, please don’t hesitate to invest in cost effective mobile refrigeration to ensure best practices, health and safety and food laws are adhered to.

Food vendors should already know that they mustn’t risk health, products or employee wellbeing by neglecting storage, workspace and facilities in the open air. Even if your stand is based in a cool barn away from direct sunlight, the air temperatures still necessitate professional show ground fridge hire.

The alternative, a food poisoning breakout at a county show, can make disastrous headlines. Don’t be the cause because you wanted to avoid a small expense and take chances. Remember, your consumers, employees and livestock trust you to act responsibly.

Refrigeration solutions

The leading mobile refrigeration hire firms deliver hygienic and excellently maintained, legislation meeting facilities with experience, an understanding of show ground fridge hire requirements and competitive fees.

A reputable and established service provider in the south of England like Icecool Trailers who cover Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the Home Counties, South Wales, the Midlands and London, will answer any questions about facilities, show ground fridge hire and freezer hire, should this be needed too. Make the right choice for you and trust in the best hire firm. Online reviews will quickly sort the good from the not so good.

Insurance cover for stock placed in the mobile refrigeration facilities will be necessary so please factor this in to your cost and hire period considerations.

Mobile refrigeration trailers are ideal for agricultural and county shows:

  • The hire firm delivers, sets up, down-powers and collects the fridge trailer so the client does not have to incorporate this in to their busy schedule.
  • A good impression about professionalism is assisted by the facilities.
  • There is no self-drive option with show ground fridge hire but this means that fuel costs are borne by the hire firm.
  • Refrigeration solutions are available in different sizes and capacities.
  • Mobile refrigeration trailers can be positioned indoors or outdoors.
  • Trailers can be run via mains power or a generator.
  • Facilities are located exactly where they are required, even if that’s the middle of a field.
  • Fridge trailers can be worked in without contravening health and safety legislation.
  • As there are no fuel or MOT costs for the client with the fridge trailer hire option, it is often more cost effective than taking self-drive fridge van hire.

Speak to an outstanding mobile refrigeration firm today and enjoy your agricultural show experiences.

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