6 Tips On How To Paint Your Bedroom

Published On May 8, 2021 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

To save on labor, the ideal is that you do the job yourself. It may seem complicated, but with these steps, you will understand how to paint your bedroom with loft colour ( สีลอฟท์ which is the term in Thai). You will have your room the way you want with maximum savings.

  1. Purchase The Necessary Materials

Before carrying out the work itself, it is necessary to have all the equipment and materials used in the painting. You will use:

  • spackling;
  • spatula;
  • sandpaper;
  • painter’s blue masking tape;
  • acrylic paint (it is widely used for wall painting for making it waterproof and for having high durability);
  • rubber gloves;
  • a cable for mixing the paint;
  • cardboard;
  • floorcloth;
  • a container to dilute and hold the paint;
  • brush tool;
  • wool roll;

in the case of high walls, it will be necessary to use a ladder or roller extender.

  1. Prepare The Room

Remember that ink stains are permanent. Therefore, remove or move furniture away, cover the floor with cardboard – using masking tape so that it does not move.

Also, use the tape to protect knobs, sockets, windows; in short, everything that cannot receive paint. In addition, pass it around the wall to be painted to preserve the baseboards, jambs, ceiling, and wall intersections. You can use it with ease, as it does not damage any surface on which it is applied.

  1. Prepare The Wall

To paint a surface, the ideal is that it is as smooth as possible. To do this, use the putty to fill holes and level it. Afterward, sand the entire area, leaving it without relief.

  1. Clean The Area To Be Painted

The wall releases a certain amount of dust when it is sanded. Then, use the floor cloth with a bit of water and detergent to clean it and leave the surface ready to receive the paint. Remember to wait for the wall to dry before applying the first coat of paint, thus avoiding bubbles and stains.

  1. Perform Ink Preparation

Open the paint can and use the handle to mix it. Then pour the required amount into the container and dilute it with water. How much will be spent on each of the liquids for the mixture should be consulted in the instructions that are in the can.

  1. Start Painting

The ideal is to start painting from the ceiling to avoid splashing the floor and walls, which may have a different color. The first step to be done is to use a brush to paint around the area to be painted, very close to the surrounding tape – the greater the thickness of this contour, the less the chance of smudging.

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