6 Tips For Buying The Ideal Rug?

Published On August 12, 2021 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

Linen, fiber, or doormat rugs, it doesn’t matter; it’s an essential piece of home décor, office or factory. Therefore, it is essential to hit the nail on the head. We have separated 6 tips for you to take into account when buying a new rug or doormat like a heavy duty entrance mats:

1 – Rugs and doormats are suitable for any space in the house, whether at the entrance, in the bathroom, by the pool, no matter the room, but for each space, there are the most suitable models. So, before buying, make sure that the chosen item matches the environment you have in mind.

2 – Nylon or vinyl rugs, the best-known raw materials for doormats. The first has a high-water absorption capacity, while the second has excellent dirt retention.

3 – If the rug/doormat is for commercial environments, it is essential to ensure that the chosen colors are in accordance with the visual identity of the place. So, everything is in harmony.

4 – If there is a high flow of people in the space where the rug will be placed, it is recommended that you opt for darker colors.

5 – If it is a place frequented by the elderly, it is important to ensure that the rug/doormat has a non-slip function.

6 – In damp places such as bathrooms and swimming pools, choose leaky vinyl mats because they prevent the accumulation of dirt in addition to the rapid flow of water.

How Sustainable Are These Mats?

You can also look to sustainability when buying dirt control mats. Such mats consist of 90 percent recycled material. The fibers on the top are from old clothing and PET bottles. The material of the underside consists of old car tires. Another advantage is that you can wash the mats in the washing machine without any problems.

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