Reduce your electricity bill by installing solar water heater

Published On August 21, 2017 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

Hot water is required for both personal and professional use. This is why many commercial and residential places install heating water system for their conveniences. It has been noted that, heating water system consumes a lot of energy which leads to increase in energy bills. Hence, people are fed up of their electricity bill. This is the reason why they find suitable ways to remove their problems. In most of the countries, people are installing solar water heater in their property. So, you can use hot water for bathing, cleaning, washing, etc. Solar water heater does not run on electricity because with the help of sun rays or sun heat, water gets heated. Water is basically stored in insulated storage tank, you can install solar geyser on the terrace with the help of experts. It is one time investment and after that you will get what you have wanted.

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Economical – If you purchase solar geyser then it will provide you hot water without the use of extensive electrical energy or fuel. Solar geyser prices are economical. It comes in different variants so, price of solar geyser depend upon its size. Experts will advice you that what kind of solar water heater you should install at your home.

What are main types of solar water systems?

There are basically two types of solar water systems first is direct circulation system and another one is indirect circulation system. In direct circulation system, pump will pass the household water from one place to another with the help of collectors. While on the other hand, in indirect circulation system pump will transfer the heat to the water with the help of collector. You need to check out solar geyser price and then purchase the geyser.

It takes less space: Solar geysers are replacing the solar PV panels. Residential house usually requires 2 to 3 panels so solar geyser will be the best option for you.


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