4 DIY Home Improvement Ideas for When You’re Gearing up to Sell In San Francisco

Published On October 6, 2022 | By Oliver | Home Improvement

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Some home improvement projects require the work of a professional, but others are the perfect DIY project for homeowners who are gearing up to sell.  Home owners in California who are looking to sell their home fast in San Francisco can find added value in small DIY home improvement projects.  In fact, some of these improvements can increase your home’s value and reduce the number of days your home is on the market.  So before you market your home, take the extra time to roll up your sleeves and give these 4 DIY home improvements a try.  

Boost your curb appeal with a colorful flower bed

Nothing stands out around a house like brightly colored beautiful flowers.  In fact, planting colorful flowers is considered a worthwhile curb appeal project that can add value to your home by more than 67% of top real estate agents.  

Find the perfect location

Ideally, your flowerbed will be visible from the road but if you have to put it closer to the side of your house due to limited space that will work as well.  Try to find a spot that gets at least partial sun and preferably full sun as these will give you the most plant options.  

Select Plants and Flowers

Once you’ve found a spot take a trip to your local nursery.  Select colorful flowers that are a mix of annuals and perennials native to your region.  You can also choose small shrubs and bushes if your landscaping area is large as they will fill up quite a bit of space and require very little care.  In addition, you can use plants such as lavender or Russian sage for additional greenery.  

Prepare the Soil

Use a shovel to dig up the grass and till the soil.  You can test the soil’s pH with a kit that can be found at any flower nursery or home store.  Add whatever type of soil is needed to create a balanced pH level.   Next dig a trend 4-6 inches deep around the entire bed.  

Plant the Flowers

Your last step is to put the flowers and plants in the ground.  Position taller plants in the back and shorter ones up front.  When they are planted and covered over with a layer of soil, water them in.  Finally, top off the landscaping area with a thick layer of fresh mulch.  

Touch up your caulk

You may have scrubbed every inch of your bathroom while preparing your home to sell, but there is one additional DIY improvement that you can attempt that will make your bathroom look even more spotless.  Over time the caulk which is a waterproof filler that seals the gaps between the tile or wall can become prone to mildew, mold, and cracking.  When this happens, the caulk looks dirty and old.  Touching up your caulk is a much easier home improvement than you might think.  To begin, remove the existing caulk with a utility knife.  When the caulk is removed, clean the surface to remove leftover dirt and stains.  When the surface is clean and dry, use painters tape to form an outline around the area where you will apply caulk.  With a caulk gun and a tube of mold and mildew resistant latex caulk you can apply a bead of caulk.  Wipe any extra caulk away with a towel as you go.  Smooth out the remaining caulk then pull the tape off while the caulk is still wet.  

Spray paint the front door 

Creating a focal point on the front of your home is a great way to attract buyers.  One of the easiest ways to do this is by updating your front door.  More than 70% of top real estate agents believe that you should paint your front door before you list your home to sell.  A quick way to refresh your door is with a fresh coat of spray paint.  Keep your colors simple or opt for a classic black or dark gray.  On a clear sunny day, remove your front door from the hinges and then take off the rest of the hardware with a screwdriver.  Prop up the door on a pair of sawhorses and prep the door by lightly sanding it just enough to rough up the surface so that the paint will stick.  Wipe down the door with a degreaser and dry the door with a towel.  Spray on a coat of primer and wait for it to dry.  When it is done, spray on at least two coats of your chosen color, allowing the recommended drying time between coats.  When the paint is dry return your door to the doorway and put it back on the hinges.  If your door hardware is dated now is the time to update it and then install the hardware on the door.  

Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

Expensive improvements like cabinet installation can be overwhelming and take too long to complete.  You can skip those long improvements and opt for an easier DIY home improvement that will make your kitchen and bathroom look more modern and up to date.  First, take a look around your kitchen and bathroom and decide what type of hardware will look the best.  Is your kitchen modern?  Is it rustic or industrial?  Whatever style your kitchen and bathroom are, choose knobs and pulls that will reflect that style.  When you have an idea of what you want, take a trip to the local hardware store.  You can purchase knobs and pulls individually or as a large contractor pack.  Simply remove the old hardware and replace it with the new ones.  

Even small DIY home improvements can make your home more marketable and increase your home’s value.  Before you begin your improvements, discuss your selling options with a trusted real estate agent.  While you may feel comfortable preparing your home to sell there are many issues that could arise during the selling process.  Real estate agents are pivotal in not just getting the best sales price, but also in protecting you the seller should any issues arise with the buyer or if you would need to back out of the real estate contract. Your real estate agent can also advise you on important improvements and small improvements such as the ones above that will boost your home’s marketability and sale price.  

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